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567-352 - This CP567, Size 3, "Deep", Complete Control Cabinet is an exposed cabinet assembly which allows larger pneumatic or electrical control components to be mounted in the door or within the enclosure. This NEMA Type 1 steel control cabinet, intended for indoor use, does not have cutouts in the removable hinged cabinet door and features a removable perforated mounting plate and knockouts for electrical or pneumatic piping. The control cabinet measures 24.3" tall, 24.3" wide and 9.38" deep. Removable hinged door has keyed lock and two keys. All CP567 Control Cabinets are manufactured under the UL 508 Industrial Control Cabinet Enclosure standard. The CSA approved file is LR84214. Gray finish. POWERS label taped to the cabinet for future customer installation
Product Category Pneumatics
Product Family Pneumatic Control
Product Type Enclosure
Assembly N
RoHS *DC - RoHS compliant (contains less than 0,1% Pb, CrVI, Hg, PBB, PBDE and less than 0,01 % Cd in homog. mat.) since [date]
Weight (lb) 44.5

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