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567-391 - This CP567, Size 1, Flush Mount Control Cabinet Enclosure Unit is provided for installing only the Control Cabinet Enclosure box during job rough in. It contains the NEMA Type 1 steel enclosure with a galvanized steel mounting plate installed. Cover mounting screws are included. NO door, lock or keys are included. This is used wtih the #567-390 Flush Mount Control Cabinet Door Kit.. 19.5"H x 16.5"W x 5.1"D, with mounting plate. Gray finish.
Product Category Pneumatics
Product Family Pneumatic Control
Product Type Enclosure
Assembly N
RoHS *DN - Not RoHS compliant, migration completed by 12-31-9999 or will not be migrated
Weight (lb) 15.26

567 Cabinet (567_CABINET.pdf, 154 Kb) [Download]

Mpa 45107 (MPA_45107.pdf, 252 Kb) [Download]