About Us

National Energy Controls Corporation (NECC) is one of the top distributors of controls and parts for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) in the USA. Starting in 1979, NECC has served the United States, Canada and the world for many decades from the same location near Philadelphia PA.

The company was founded on the philosophy of customer service - this deep-rooted concept is ingrained in every NECC interaction and transaction. The founders of NECC - Kerk Farrell and Joe Pupis - recognized this need and made sure that NECC started out this way. The tradition of customer service continues to the current day in every customer inquiry and every transaction.

Kerk describes NECC's customer service principles best:

I was born and raised in the heating business. It’s in my blood. I really love it. Over the years I have worked as a salesman at the retail, wholesale, manufacturer rep and factory level. I have cleaned oil burners, driven oil trucks, and installed heaters and controls. I have learned what people like and what really gets them mad. For quite some time, I called on wholesalers, representing Honeywell controls. I became increasingly dissatisfied with the way customers were being handled - untrained countermen, inside salesmen with no motivation to satisfy problems and owners not willing to pay enough money to hire, train and keep qualified people.

I decided to do something about it. In 1979 we started a distributorship specializing in servicing commercial customers. It seemed that full-line distributors couldn’t spend enough time on each product to develop an expertise better than “fair” or “average”. Customers deserved better service and weren’t getting it. I felt that with the state of the art technologies changing so rapidly, a specialty distributor for commercial controls was badly needed. We hired knowledgeable, factory-trained sales engineers to staff the inside positions and the results were spectacular.

We have built our entire philosophy on the attitude of “What does the customer want?” We won’t stop asking that now, and won’t ever take your repeat business for granted. If you’re going to trust us with your orders, we have to respond by earning them – every time.

If you ever get what you think is less than excellent customer service, let us know. And if you really liked how you were treated, I would love to know that, too. And… tell someone else!

W. Kerk Farrell
President (retired)

Over the years, NECC continues to build and sustain strong relationships with the manufacturers that supply its extensive product lines. NECC partners with companies such as Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Belimo and Siemens, as well as many smaller companies that supply the harder-to-find parts that might be just what is needed. NECC brings that same philosophy of excellent customer service and expertise to the current day, offering the latest technologies available for a wide variety of applications.