“New” Honeywell Universal Replacement Fire and Smoke Actuators

New Honeywell universal replacement fire and smoke actuatorsSafety should never be left to chance. Honeywell fire and smoke actuators are designed to meet both UL-555 and UL-555S 350 F safety requirements for fire and smoke applications. Fast-acting actuators close dampers in 15 seconds, and the integral spring return ensures the consistent, proper level of torque. For the highest level of occupant safety, you can count on Honeywell.

  • Meets UL-555 and UL-555S requirements
  • Robust die-cast aluminum housing for protection and long service life
  • Maximum spring return timing of 15 seconds
  • Reliably built by the industry leader

Whether you’re working retrofit applications or new construction, NECC has the right two-position spring return actuator for the job — with the largest torque range in the industry. Along with meeting safety standards, Honeywell fire and smoke actuators also feature an energy-saving patented design that eliminates limit switches to reduce power consumption.

  • 30, 80 and 175 in.lb. torque models available
  • Energy-saving design
  • No audible noise during holding


  • 30 lb-in. (3.4 N•m) or 80 lb-in. (5.9 N•m) minimum driving torque at 350°F (176°C).
  • Reversible mounting facilitates use in either clockwise (cw) or counterclockwise (ccw) spring rotation.
  • Integral spring return ensures level of return torque.
  • Fifteen-second spring return timing.
  • No special cycling required during long-term holding.
  • No audible noise during holding.
  • Ninety-five degree angle of rotation.
  • Die-cast aluminum housing.
  • Housing design allows flush mounting to damper.
  • Designed to operate reliably in smoke control systems requiring Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc. UL555S ratings up to 350°F.
  • Models available with SPST position-indicating switches (7°, 85° stroke).