Positive Positioning Relay with Mounting Linkage, Direct Acting, factory set span at 5 psig (8/Case)

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AK-42309-500 Positive Positioner Pneumatic Relay


The AK-42309-500 Positive Positioner Pneumatic Relay is used to accurately position an actuator with respect to signal pressure from the controller. It can also be used to change the effective spring range of an actuator and increase the capacity of a controller.

The AK-42309-500 Positive Positioner Pneumatic Relay is compatible with MK-2690-0-0-1, MK-2690-0-0-2, MK-3XXX, MK-44XX, MK-46X1-XXX-0-2, MK-48XX, MK-66XX, MK-68XX, MK-69XX, MK-7XXX, MK-88XX, and MK-89XX Series actuators. The AK-42309-500 cannot be used with the following actuators: M556, M573, M574, M693, MK-2690-0-0-0, MK-4600-0-0-0, MK-4600-0-0-1, and MK-12000 Series actuators.


Force-balance relay-type position sensing mechanism

Main-air and exhaust connections at actuator location speeds actuator response

Large air capacity

Adjustable start-point and span

Ak42309 (AK42309.pdf, 2,673 Kb) [Download]

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