Fan-Vented Enclosures for VFD

Fan Vented Enclosures for Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

Fan-vented CabinetThis NEMA 3R enclosure has a forced air ventilation system for cooling drives or other high-heat producing control equipment in applications that require outdoor protection. Ideal for use in irrigation, wastewater and HVAC motor speed control for air handling equipment and pumps. The environment control system of the WeatherFlo enclosure uses TempGuardCooling Technology. TempGuardinnovative cooling technology provides a predictable climate control solution for harsh outdoor environments.

Part # Drive HP Size Back Panel #  
WF25LP 25 41" x 24" x 12" A36P24 Call... Add to Order
WF3LP 3 29" x 24" x 12" A24P24 Call... Add to Order
  • Integrated solar shield top and intake cover provide an additional 25% solar reduction
  • Fan and vent placement optimizes heat removal by drawing ambient air into the bottom of the enclosure and exhausting at the top, making the entire enclosure an air duct
  • Gasket and filter protect against contaminates entering the enclosure
  • Adjustable thermostat (70˚ -140˚ F) allows the fan to operate only when needed