NEMA Classification Chart for Enclosures

Nema 10 EnclosureMany special applications require cabinets that meet standards in addition to the usual indoor control cabinets and enclosures. You might have a need for outdoor, weather proof, dust proof or explosion proof. This chart shows the National Electrical Manufacturing Association (NEMA) rating standards for cabinets. If your specifications require any special cabinet to meet these standards, we can specify a product that will meet those codes or specs.


NEMA 1 – General Purpose. For indoor protection where conditions are not unusually severe.

NEMA 2 – Driptight. Designed to exclude falling moisture or dirt. Particularly applicable to cooling rooms, laundries, etc., where condensation is prevalent. For indoor use.

NEMA 3 – Weather Resistant (weatherproof). For outdoor use. Designed to withstand all normal exposure to natural elements. Controls mounted on pullout racks for easy access. With rain hood and weather seals.

NEMA 4 – Watertight. Withstands water pressure from 1 inch hose nozzle, 65 gallons per minute, from distance of not less than 10 feet for five minutes. Suitable for maritime applications, breweries, etc.

NEMA 5 – Dust-tight. Equipped with dust-tight gaskets. Suitable for mills and other high-dust atmospheres.

NEMA 6 – Submersible. For submerged operation under specified pressures and time.

NEMA 7 – Hazardous Locations. National Electrical Code Class (circuit breaks in air).

NEMA 8 – Hazardous Locations. National Electrical Code Class 1 (circuit breaks immersed in oil).

NEMA 9 – Hazardous Locations. National Electrical Code Class 2.

NEMA 10 – Explosion-proof. Meets U.S. Bureau of Mines requirements for explosive atmospheres.

NEMA 11 – Acid or Fume Resistant. Provides for immersion of enclosed equipment in oil.

NEMA 12 – Industrial Use. Excludes oils, dust, moisture, to satisfy individual requirements.