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Combustion Controls

Flame safeguard combustion controls and boiler safety controls

New and upgrade boiler and combustion controls

NECC stocks many new and upgrade boiler and combustion controls manufactured by Honeywell and Fireye. Check out the latest in Honeywell ControLinks combustion efficiency controls.

Combustion controls are critical to the safe and efficient operation of any burner and/or boiler. These invaluable devices are the gate keepers of the combustion process, designed to monitor and prove each link in the chain of events that lead to safe light off. As the combustion control checks each stage of the process, it makes a decision to either allow the process to continue, or stall the process due to an unsafe condition. These combustion controls prevent accidents that may potentially present danger to life and property. The combustion control that you select should always be the one recommended by your burner and/or boiler manufacturer.

Here are some pages designed to help you find the combustion controls and accessories that are right for your application.

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing and employing “re-built” flame safeguard products violates many insurance company contracts. “Re-built” flame safeguard products are not certified by the manufacturer to be a safe means for operating your system. DO NOT PURCHASE AND/OR EMPLOY RE-BUILT FLAME SAFEGUARD CONTROLS.