Honeywell Primary Combustion Controls

Honeywell RA890 Primary Controls

The RA890 control is the workhorse of the electronic combustion controls. From the old R180-190 devices to the latest model, this unit will replace all models using the same 10-screw subbase. When servicing these device, remember: the RA890F has a green reset button and uses a rectification signal, while the RA890G has a purple reset button and works with a U.V. minipeeper. For individual questions regarding the device you are replacing, contact our sales and engineering department for information. Our archives contain many of the old, original specs.

Part # S.S. Timing Flame Response Sensor Price  
RA890F1288 15 sec. 3.0 sec. Rectifying $4,336.92 Add to Order
RA890F1338 30 sec. 0.8 sec Rectifying $4,908.89 Add to Order
RA890F1346 30 sec. 3.0 sec. Rectifying $4,987.46 Add to Order
RA890G1229 15 sec. 0.8 sec Ultraviolet $4,268.60 Add to Order
RA890G1260 15 sec. 3.0 sec. Ultraviolet $4,336.82 Add to Order

Honeywell R4795A-D Primary Control

Upgrade to modular convenience! Directly mount the Honeywell R4795 primary control on RA890 subbases. The R4795A provides a plug-in prepurge card and flame signal amplifier.

NOTE: 208V and 220V controls are no longer U.L. approved. Consider conversion to 120V when replacing.


Part # Voltage Price  
R4795A1016 120Vac $5,191.42 Add to Order
R4795A1040 220Vac $5,471.71 Add to Order

Purge Timers

Part # Time Price  
ST71A1000 7 sec. $433.80 Add to Order
ST71A1018 30 sec. $433.80 Add to Order
ST71A1034 90 sec. $433.80 Add to Order


Part # Type Flame Price  
R7290A1001 Ultraviolet (purple) 3.0 sec. [Contact us for a price or a substitute]
RA890F1270 Rectifying (green) 3.0 sec. $4,268.60 Add to Order