Air Station Maintenance Schedule

NECC presents this maintenance schedule reminder to help you construct the maintenance schedule for your air station. When you need replacement components the number to call is 800-227-9800.

Keep It Clean!

Most service problems start with dirty air! Reduce your problems by regularly maintaining your filters.

A source of clean, dry, oil-free air is essential to the proper operation of a pneumatic control system. The devices within the system should operate virtually trouble-free if a preventative maintenance program is followed. This page provides a suggested schedule for maintaining the air station and devices within the system.

Frequency Service Required
Once A Week Drain compressor, tank, filter, bowl, and any air lines that have drain cocks. Check compressor crankcase oil level. Check compressor safety-relief valve.
Once A Month Inspect discharge air filter. Check pressure-reducing valve setting.
Once Every 3 Months Change crankcase oil. Oil the compressor motors. Check compressor pressure switches.
Once Every 6 Months Check for moisture, oil and dirt in air lines. Clean the intake air filter, felt and screen types. Check the compressor belt. Check the pressure relief valves. Check calibration, operation, nozzles, and restrictors of transmitters temperature controllers, pressure controllers, thermostats and humidistats. Check piping of pressure transmitters and controllers. Clean elements and humidistats. Lubricate dampers, check damper actuators and close-off.
Once A Year Replace cartridge-type intake air filters. Check calibration of receiver controllers. Check throttling ranges of humidistats, thermostats, temperature and pressure controllers. Lubricate packing, adjust packing or repack valves. Check valves for tight close-off. Check E-P and P-E relay operation. Check diverting, averaging, high/low, volume booster relay operation. Check diverting switch operation. Check gradual switch operation.