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Honeywell Light Duty Actuators

Honeywell Spring Return Damper Actuators

Spring-return, 25 lb.-in. damper actuators provide SPDT floating, 2-position, 3-position or modulating control of economizer systems, ventilation dampers and combustion air dampers. M6415 suitable for use with direct digital control (DDC) systems.

  • Power: 24Vac
  • Auxiliary Switch: 10VA
  • Stroke: 90° CCW
  • Timing:

Part # Desc Aux Sw  
M6415A1016 SPDT Floating—CCW No Call... Add to Order
M7415A1006 Modulating: Sensor=Thermistor (C7150B) No Call... Add to Order
M8405A1006 3-position with adj. min. No Call... Add to Order
M8415A1004 2-position Yes Call... Add to Order