Pneumatic System Solvent Flush and Biocide

PneuFlush from Pneuline

CFC-Free Pneumatic Cleaning Solvent Direct Injection — No More Bubbler Can!

It's Made With Dupont's Vretrel® XM an ozonesafe HFC solvent. The old reliable TF solvent (CFC113) has been withdrawn from the market. Up until now, a suitable replacement has not been available. The new disposable aluminum canister makes it easier than ever to clean the dirt and oil out of your pneumatic tubing and components.

Canisters Required For System Line Flushing
SIZE Range Of Total Lines To Be Cleaned
750' 1500' 2250' 3000' 5000'
1/4” 1 12 23 4 6
3/8” 1 2 34 45 7
1/2” 1 2 34 45 8
Part # Pneumatic Cleaning Solvent Price  
3V4F 3/8” Line Tap Assembly W/Valve $26.98 Add to Order
4300-99 Injection Fitting Rx 11 $46.46 Add to Order
PNSC-02 Disposable Solvent Canister $375.38 Add to Order

Condensate Pan Biocide

Laboratory proven to kill 99% of Legionnaire’s Disease
Also Controls Slime Buildup—Reducing Clogged Drains And Musty Odors


  • Contains highest amount of active biocide of any product on market.
  • Only product permitted by EPA to make a Legionnaire’s Disease Bacteria kill claim!
  • Filter pad meters a consistent biocide release for a 3 month service life.

NOTE: For larger systems, use Multiple units – replace every 3 months

Part # Condensate Pan Biocide Pack Qty Price  
AT/C For 515 ton systems 12 $239.76 Add to Order
FT/C For Systems Up to 5 Tons 24 $190.56 Add to Order

Pneumatic Controls Service Chemicals

Honeywell Heat Conductive Compound

Compound used for efficiently sensing a media where wells are used. Provides faster response to temperature controllers

Part # Pneumatic Chemicals Price  
HCC004 Heat Conductive Compound - 4 oz. Can $28.87 Add to Order
HCC005 Heat Conductive Compound - 5 oz. Tube [Contact us for a price or a substitute]
TFE08 Teflon Thread Sealant Paste - 8 oz. [Contact us for a price or a substitute]
HPS-A-RTU-5 Teflon Pipe Joint Tape 1/2" x 5208" $6,595.82 Add to Order
HMPS-400-43-SPL Teflon Gasket & Valve Packing Rope $275.61 Add to Order
HMPS-400-26-SCS Freezestat Test Spray - 10 oz. aerosol $275.68 Add to Order