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GIB161.1U - OpenAir™ GIB Series Electric Damper Actuator, rotary, non-spring return, 310 lb-in (35 Nm), 24 Vac/dc, 0 to 10 Vdc control, 125 sec run time
Product Category Air
Product Family Electronic Damper Actuator
Product Type GIB
Assembly N
Max Temp 130 °F
NSR/SR Actuator Non-Spring Return
Actuator Type Electronic
Fail Safe N
Fail-safe Position Fail-In-Place
Control Signal Type 0...10 Vdc
Nominal Voltage 24 VAC
NEMA Rating NEMA 2, die-cast aluminum alloy enclosure, IP54 according to EN 60 529
Aux Switches 0
Feedback 0-10Vdc
Damper Actuator Torque 310 lb-in
Plenum Rating Standard
Damper Actuation Application Control Damper
Cable Length 3 ft
Damper Actuation Style Rotary
RoHS *DC - RoHS compliant (contains less than 0,1% Pb, CrVI, Hg, PBB, PBDE and less than 0,01 % Cd in homog. mat.) since [date]
Product Length (in) 3/15/2016
Product Width (in) 2/11/2016
Product Height (in) 11/13/2016
Weight (lb) 5.44
Operating voltage 24 VAC
Color Aluminum metallic
Watts 1.1
VA Rating 8
Stroke Degrees 90 °
Power Consumption Running: 8 VA / 8 W, Holding: 1.1 W

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