Honeywell Electronic HVAC Controllers

Honeywell T775 Electronic Standalone Controllers

The newly redesigned T775 "2000" series of electronic standalone controllers incorporates many new features to make it the most economic and flexible controller available. All T775’s can be powered with low or line voltage (24, 120 or 240 VAC).

  • Easy-To-Use Graphical Interface
  • Internal Time Clock Scheduler
  • Up to Two Independent Modulating Outputs (Selectable: 4-20 mA, 0-10 Vdc, 2-10 Vdc and Series 90)
  • NEMA 4X Enclosure Option
  • Modulating High Or Low Limit Control
  • Optional Configurable Integral and Derivative Times
  • Reset Models With Simplified Setup
  • Configurable Minimum Off Time
  • Sensor Calibration

Part # Desc Relays Analog Outputs Floating Outputs Sensor Inputs Sensors Incl  
T775A2009 Standard 1 SPDT None None 1 1 Call... Add to Order
T775B2032 Standard 2 SPDT None 1 2 1 Call... Add to Order
T775B2040 Standard 4 SPDT None 2 2 1 Call... Add to Order
T775M2006 Modulating None 2 None 2 1 Call... Add to Order
T775M2022 Modulating-NEMA 4X 2 SPDT 2 None 2 1 Call... Add to Order
T775R2027 With Reset Option 2 SPDT 2 None 2 2 Call... Add to Order
T775R2035 With Reset Option 2 SPDT None 1 2 2 Call... Add to Order

T775 Accessories

There are many remote temperature sensors that are compatible with the T775 Series 2000. The T775 accepts 1,097 Ohms PTC at 77°F.

Part # Accessories  
50001774-001 Immersion well for C7031D2003 Call... Add to Order
50021579-001 Standard sensor(s) included w/T775 (except T775U and NEMA 4x models) Call... Add to Order
C7031D2003 5" immersion sensor w/wiring box Call... Add to Order
C7031J2009 12 foot averaging duct sensor w/wiring box Call... Add to Order
C7046D1008 8" duct probe w/mounting flange Call... Add to Order
C7100D1001 12" fast response, duct averaging sensor w/flange Call... Add to Order
C7130B1009 Room mount sensor Call... Add to Order
T775-SENS-WR Water resistant sensor(s) w/6" leads (packaged w/NEMA 4X models) Call... Add to Order
T775-SENS-WT Watertight sensor w/6 foot leads Call... Add to Order

Honeywell T775 Universal Model

The 775U Universal Model provides setup for configuring control of:

-Or any 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA input

The input range of this model is completely scaleable!

You select which units you are measuring and displaying (inches W.C., PSI, Pa, kPa, %RH, o F or o C or just generic %).

This is the first commercial controller with this capability. Previously, you had to use an Industrial Single Loop Controller at three times the cost to control any other application other than temperature or %RH.

Control humidity within % displayed, or pressure within inches W.C. or PSI. Outputs include 2 modulating and 2 relay outputs that can each have its own setpoint.

The T775P Special Boiler Model offers features like dedicated pump output, staging for up to 12 relays, digital output alarm, pump exercise, pump pre-purge and post-purge, warm weather shut-down, built-in scheduler, displayed run time and more.

The T775L Sequencer Model has 4 stages, plus add up to 2 optional 4-stage expansion modules for 8, or 12 stage operation. Control these relays anyway you like with one or two set points: 4-heat, 2-cool; 6 cool, 4-heat; whatever you need.

T775P2003 Special Boiler w/Reset 1 SPDT None 1 Y 3 3 Y Y
T775L2007 Stage Sequencer w/reset option 4 SPDT* None N 1 1 Y Y
T775U2006 Universal Humidity, Pressure, etc. 2 SPDT 2 2** 2** N Y
T775S2008 Relay Expansion Module 4 SPDT Use with T775P or T775L

* 4 or 8 more relays possible by adding one or two T775S2008 4-relay Expansion Module(s)
** Up to 2 independent non-sequenced relays are also available

Part # T775 Univ Model  
T775L2007 Stage Sequencer w/reset option Call... Add to Order
T775P2003 Special Boiler w/Reset Call... Add to Order
T775S2008 Relay Expansion Module Call... Add to Order
T775U2006 Universal Humidity, Pressure, etc. Call... Add to Order