Honeywell Staging Controllers

Honeywell Discharge Air/Water Temperature Controllers

Maintain an average discharge air temperature in variable air volume (VAV) systems, or other systems requiring discharge air control of multistage cooling or heating. Reduce kilowatt demand and consumption by maintaining the amount of heating or cooling capacity required to hold the discharge air set point. Utilize economizer for free cooling when available.

  • The W7100 Controller maintains an average discharge air temperature in variable air (VAV) cooling systems by modulating an economizer and sequencing stages of mechanical cooling.
  • Available in cool-only, heat-only, heat/cool stage sequencing and modulating heat/cool.
  • Staging capacity of the W7100A, B,C, and E may be extended six stages using a W7101A Satellite Sequencer.
  • When power is restored, the economizer will first be modulated open (if enthalpy is suitable), then stages of mechanical cooling will be sequenced on.
  • Reset signal either space space sensor or outdoor air sensor.
  • C7100 platinum resistance element provides highly accurate and stable discharge air temperature sensing.
  • LED’s on the W7100A,B,C, and E panels indicate which stages of heating or cooling are on.

Typical VAV System Diagram

W7100A1053 0 6 Yes Discharge Air Temperature Controller
W7100C1018 2 4
W7100G1001 0 6 No Discharge Water Temperature Controller

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