TAC Forta Non Spring Return Globe Valve Actuator 90 lbf (400 N) with Screwed Connection for VB-7000 Direct Mounting, 24
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M400A-VB  Forta Globe Valve Actuator 90 lbf Torque 24V



Forta M400A (VB) / M800A (VB) /M1500A (VB) series Non-Spring Return linear actuators are available in two styles, U-Bolt Mount style, mounts to Schneider Electric globe valves with AV-821 linkage kits for mounting to VB-7xxx valves or AV-822 for mounting to VB-8xxx, or VB-9313-0-5-xx valves. Screw Mount style, screws directly to the bonnet nut on VB-7xxx valves (no adapter required).

Applications include chilled or hot water and steam. Field selectable input signals include reverse and direct acting, Floating or Proportional 0-10, 2- 10 vdc or 4-20 ma with 500 ohm resistor (supplied) plus proportional sequencing input signal ranges.



Two Mounting Styles, U-Bolt Mx00A or Screw Mx00A-VB

Floating configuration controlled by a SPDT floating controllers

Proportional configuration 0-10, 2-10 vdc or 4-20 mA with the addition of a 500 ohm resistor included

Direct/Reverse action switch selectable

90 lbf (400N) linear force

Die-cast housing with plenum rated plastic cover for NEMA 2 (IP54 vertical mount only) applications

Manual override to allow positioning of valve

Electronic valve sequencing and Electronic flow curve (equal percentage or Linear) selection.

Torque overload protection throughout stroke

Easy “One Touch” input signal/stroke calibration

Forta (forta.pdf, 743 Kb) [Download]

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