Two Position, SR, 120V, 50/60 Hz, 20 lb-in
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MA-5210 Two-Position Actuator, Spring Return 120V, 2-15 VDC


The MA-5200 series and MA-5300 series actuators are used for two-position control of valves and dampers which require a return to the normal position upon power interruption.


Two-position actuators controlled by an SPST controller

Spring return

An actuator with the part number suffix "-500" has a built-in, adjustable, SPDT auxiliary switch

Available in damper models or base models that require damper or valve linkage

Die cast lower housing with 1/2" conduit opening and painted steel upper housing

Hydraulic actuator with oil-immersed motor and pump.

Ma-5200 (MA-5200.pdf, 314 Kb) [Download]

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