Proportional Valve Actuator, 11 sq. in., 3-6 Spring, VB-7000 (1/2 - 2") & Obs. VB-9000 (1/2 - 1-1/4")
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MK-4601  Pneumatic Valve Actuator 3 to 8 PSIG



These valve actuators, with an 11 sq. in. effective diaphragm area, are used with TAC VB-7xxx series valves for proportional pneumatic control of hot water or chilled water valves.

The MK-46xx and MK4-46xx Series may also be mounted on discontinued 1/2" through 1-1/4" TAC VB-111, VB-131, VB-314, and VB-9xxx series valves.



Rugged die cast aluminum housing

Replaceable beaded molded neoprene diaphragm

Built-in spring to retract output shaft on loss of air pressure

Adjustable start point

Multiple spring ranges for various applications

1/2" nominal stroke

Mk46xx (MK46XX.pdf, 115 Kb) [Download]

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