Proportional, SR, 24V, 50/60 Hz

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MP-5413 Electronic Positive Positioning Hydraulic Actuator, 24V, 3VDC


The MP-5400 Series Actuators are for electronic proportional control of dampers, valves, or program switches which require the return to normal position upon power interruption. This series is compatible with 2 to 15 Vdc input signals from TAC System 8000, TAC NETWORK 8000, and TAC DMS DDC controllers.


Proportional actuators controlled by variable Vdc input signal

Positive positioning

Spring return

Fixed 3 Vdc operating span.

Adjustable 2 to 12 Vdc start point for paralleling or sequencing of actuators.

Available in damper models or base models that require damper or valve linkage.

Die cast lower housing and painted steel upper housing

Hydraulic actuator with oil-immersed motor, transducer, and pump.

Mp-5400 (MP-5400.pdf, 701 Kb) [Download]