Proportional, SR, 24V, 35 lb-in

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MS40-7043 TAC DuraDrive Series Spring Return Proportional Actuator 35 lb. 24vac Proportional 2-10 Vdc


TAC DuraDrive™ Direct Coupled Actuators are designed to be used in both damper and valve control applications. The following general instructions are for damper applications. Refer to the Applicable Literature

table for valve literature.

The MS4X-7XX3 series spring return actuators provide proportional modulation control of dampers and valves

in HVAC systems.


Rugged die-case housings rated for NEMA 2 / IP54

Optional built-in auxiliary switch to provide for interfacing or signaling

Provides 95° of rotation

Visual position indicator provided

Provides true mechanical clockwise or counterclockwise spring return operation for reliable fail safe application and positive close-off in air tight damper applications

Direct mount to round or square damper shafts

Switch provided for selection of direct or reverse acting control mode

Mx4x (MX4X.pdf, 809 Kb) [Download]

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