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Pneuline Controls Restrictors and Indicators

Universal Pneumatic Restrictor Kit

This convenient kit contains an assortment of the most popular restrictors used for pneumatic control. This 23 piece kit keeps all these small parts in one place. Contains handy illustrated reorder chart in the lid.

Contents of the PRK006
• (5) .005 inline restrictors
• (5) .005 restrictor tees
• (5) .007 inline restrictors
• (5) .007 restrictor tees
• (1) adjustable restrictor
• (1) precision needle valve

Part # Pneumatic Restrictor Kit  
PRK006 Universal Pneumatic Restrictor Kit Call... Add to Order

Pneumatic Toggle Switch

An alternative to expensive switches. Great for occupied-unoccupied, changeover, summer-winter and many more. This three way switch can be used as two way by plugging the exhaust port, compact-saves space.

Part # Toggle Switch  
TS2P 2 Position Switch 1/8" Female Connection Call... Add to Order

Universal Pneumatic Restrictors for All Systems

Part # Type Size Conn  
R-3710-2010 Inline ADJ. 5/32" tube connections Call... Add to Order
RI4B-005 Inline 0.005 1/4" Barb Call... Add to Order
RI4B-007 Inline 0.007 1/4" Barb Call... Add to Order
RT4B-005 Tee 0.005 1/4" Barb Call... Add to Order
RT4B-007 Tee 0.007 1/4" Barb Call... Add to Order

Pneumatic Check Valves

Part # Connect Material  
CVA4B 1/4 BARB Brass Call... Add to Order

Pneumatic Needle Valve

Used where precise control of airflow is needed. Adjustable orifice from 0-0.025 1/8 Barb connection.

Visual Pressure Indicators

Spring loaded, pressure actuated devices used for visual monitoring of circuits. They indicate through the use of two contrasting colors the presence or absence of air pressure in the circuit. Designed for panel mount.

.72" mounting hole with locknut, 5/32" barb back mount, 1 to 5 PSIG range. Note: Other colors and ranges available.

Part # Off Color On Color  
PI15BG Black Green Call... Add to Order
PI15BR Black Red Call... Add to Order
PI15RG Red Green Call... Add to Order