Powers/Siemens Pneumatic Actuators

Powers/Siemens Light Duty Damper Actuators

The No. 3 Pneumatic Actuator is a rugged metal fabricated device designed with a 2-3/8'' stroke for gradual or positive actuation of HVAC and fire/smoke dampers.

Torque: 10 in.lb. Stroke: 2-3/8''

Powers/Siemens Medium Duty Damper Actuators

The No. 4 actuator is recommended for applications such as control of outdoor air, return air, mixed air, exhaust, face and bypass, fan discharge, multisection, static pressure control, fan inlet vanes and other special applications.

Actuator, clevis, crank and rocker arm. Universal Mounting for extended shaft or frame mounting. Typical 331-2973.
Torque: 30 in.lb. Stroke: 4''
For older #4 actuators; up to part# 331-2885, use replacement diaphragm #333-072.

Powers/Siemens Heavy Duty Damper Actuators

Torque: 50 in.lb. Stroke: 4''

When Estimating Damper Actuators For Modulating Service, Allow 5-6 in.lb. For Each Square Foot Of Damper Face Area At Or Below 1000 Fpm Face Velocity

Replacement POWERS Powermite Valve Actuator

Powers Powermite & Powertop Repair Parts

Powers Powermite & Powertop Valves can be completely rebuilt quickly in the field. They have a spin-on replacement actuator & trim assembly which can be installed without removing the valve body from the line. By installing the new top and changing the disc, you virtually have a new valve with a minimum of trouble.

Series 656 Powermite Repair Parts

Powers Series 658 Powertop Repair Parts

658-166 Diaphragm Kit
Each kit contains five (5) diaphragms, mounting screws to replace those lost or damaged, and TB235 replacement instructions. See table for ordering information.