Pneumatic HVAC Relays

Electric–Pneumatic Relays: Plastic

The EP101 series is a plastic 3-way valve with molded barbed connections for 1/4'' pneumatic tubing. They can be wall or panel mounted. Lighter and more compact than our EP201 series. Ports are marked 1-2-3. Flow is 600 SCIM at 20psi. The Pneuline models are an exact substitute for the brands on this selection chart:

Pneuline Honeywell Barber-Colman Powers
EP101-24 RP817A1013 RP818A1012 AL-180 265-1001
EP101-120 RP417A1009 RP418A1107 AL-181 265-1002
EP101-208 RP417A1041 RP418A1081 AL-182 265-1003
EP101-240 RP417A1035 RP418A1099 AL-183 265-1004
EP101-277 RP417A1066 RP418A1073 265-1005
EP101-480 RP417A1082 RP418A1065 AL-185 265-1006
EP102-24 RP817B1011 RP818B1010 AL-170 265-1007
EP102-120 RP417B1007 RP418B1071 AL-171 265-1008

Electric–Pneumatic Relay: Metal

Change branch or main signals from one source or pressure to another with this compact, 3-way diverting solenoid valve. Ideal for occupied– unoccupied, outdoor changeover, summer–winter or many other uses.

The EP201 is a cast metal valve with 1/8'' NPT ports marked N.O., N.C., and common. Includes two barbed fittings for either 1/4'' or 5/32'' pneumatic tube. The Pneuline models are an exact substitute for the devices in this selection chart:

Pneuline Johnson Controls Barber-Colman
EP201-24 V11HGA-100 V-2410-1 AL-150
EP201-120 V11HAA-100 V-2410-2 AL-151
EP201-208 V11HCA-100 V-2410-3 AL-152
EP201-240 V11HBA-100 V-2410-4 AL-153
EP201-277 V11HFA-100 V-2410-5
EP201-480 V11HDA-100 V-2410-6 AL-155
EP201-24dc V11PNA-105

Electric–Pneumatic Relay: Miniature

  • High capacity miniature EP relay
  • Metal body at a popular price
  • Compact size is convenient for panel mounting
  • For up to 120psi
  • 3-way, 1/8'' FPT connection
EP401-24 Miniature EP Relay 1/8'' Threaded Connections
A4-5B8M (25/pack) 1/4'' - 5/32'' barb x 1/8'' MPT Adapter

Pneumatic–Electric Relay: DPST

The PE201 closes or opens an electrical circuit using a predetermined air pressure signal. Typical applications includes the control of air conditioners, fans, electrical heating

PE201 Opens on drop
PE202 Opens on rise

Connection: 1/4'' barb elements, ducts furnaces and more.
Switch: 12A
Signal: 3 to 30 psi adjustable

Pneumatic–Electric Relay: SPDT

The PE301 series switches are SPDT snap switch activated by an adjustable pneumatic signal. Typical uses are to activate fans, heaters, pumps, chillers, alarms and more.

PE301-1 1 2 psi
PE301-2 2 2 psi
PE301-3 1 0.25 psi

Connection: 1/4'' barb
Signal: 3 to 30 psi adjustable

Pneumatic–Electric Relay: Two-stage

The P10FC-4 provides two-stage pressure electric control for self-contained heating-cooling unit ventilators with mechanical refrigeration.

P10FC-4 Two-stage P/E switch

Connection: 1/4'' barb

  • Features two enclosed snap-acting SPDT switches with color-coded terminals
  • Includes a calibrated indicator scale for the high trip point

Pneumatic–Electric Relay: Duplex

The P10PA provides continuous fan operation and damper control during day cycle and intermittent fan operation during night cycle. It has Two of the switches are mechanically joined and operate together.

  • Three enclosed normally closed SPST switches
  • Factory calibration of the mechanically joined switches
  • Two calibrated indicator scales to display high trip points
P10PA-11 Duplex P/E switch

3-SPST 6A Switches: 1 opens high 6#, 2 & 3 open high 18# three normally closed SPST switches.
1/4'' barb
Signal: 3 to 30 psi adjustable

Pneumatic Relays

Pneumatic relays perform very useful functions in control systems. All brands work in the same pneumatic signals and can be easily interchanged. Don’t be stuck on a single brand. Pneuline Controls perform the same function just as reliably as brands costing more than double. Standardize and stock one model and use it as your universal replacement. This chart will show you the Pneuline model you need.

Relay Type Pneuline Powers Kreuter Johnson Honeywell
Diverting-Switching RPP100 243-0001 RCC-1009 V-6135-1 RP670A1001
HI-Pressure Selector RPP400 243-0018 RCC-1008 C-5226-3 RP470A1003
Low-Pressure Selector RPP500 243-0020 RCC-1006 C-5226-3 RP970A1008
Hi & Lo Pressure Selector RPP900 243-0019 RCC-1111 C-2220 RP913A1008
Booster-Repeater Ratio-1:1 RPP700 243-0009 RCC-1516 R-2080-1 RP970A1008
Reversing RPP300 RCC-1504 R-3030-1 RP972A1006
Min. Position C-5230-2 SP970A1005
Averaging RPP800 243-0011 RCC-1514 C-2040-1 RP973A1013

Low Pressure Selector

Low Pressure Selectors pass the lowest of two separate signals. A common use for these relays is to select the coldest of two zones to control a heating valve.

ORDER # Replaces
RPP500 Honeywell #RP970A
Johnson #C-5226
L&G Powers #243-0200
Robertshaw #2372-351
Barber-Colman #AK-51642

Hi Pressure Selector

A High Pressure Selector will pass the highest of two different pressure signals. It is often used to select the hottest of two thermostat signals to control a cooling valve.

ORDER # Replaces
RPP400 Honeywell #RP470A
Johnson #C-5226
L&G Powers #243-0020
Robertshaw #2372-351
Barber-Colman #AK-50301

Diverting Relay (Switching)

A Diverting Relay (or Switching Relay) acts similarly to an electric SPDT relay, but it is switched (energized) by a pneumatic signal. Adjustable set point 3-23#psi, 5psi differential.

ORDER # Replaces
RPP100 Honeywell #RP670A
Johnson #V-6133
L&G Powers #243-0001
Robertshaw #2353-503
Barber-Colman #AK-50301

Reversing Relay

A Reversing Relay reverses the action of the signal coming into the relay. For example, a direct acting signal is converted into a reverse acting signal. As the input signal increases in pressure, the output is lowered.

ORDER # Replaces
RPP300 Honeywell #RP972A
Johnson #R-3030
Robertshaw #2360-501
Barber-Colman #AK-40613

Ratio Relay

A Ratio Relay is a relay that increases the output at a preset ratio to the change at the input. The adjustable ratio relay is used to slow down the rate of change. The other relay is used for speeding up the rate of pressure change at a fixed ratio.

ORDER # Replaces
2:1 Ratio
Honeywell #RP971A
Johnson #C-202-1
Robertshaw #238-501
Barber-Colman #AK-50703
RPP630 Adjustable Ratio 0.1 - 1.0: 1 Ratio

Booster Relay or (Amplifying Relay)

Booster Relays (or Amplifying Relays) increase the volume or capacity of a pressure signal without increasing the pressure. They are used to refresh a low volume signal or a signal being sent over a long distance.

ORDER # Replaces
RPP700 Honeywell #RP970A
Johnson #R-2080
Robertshaw #2372-501
Barber-Colman #AK-40603

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