Pneumatic Test and Calibration Kits


Calibration is one of the quickest, least expensive methods of energy conservation you can perform.

The Tool-100 Pneumatic calibration panel is designed to calibrate pneumatic receiver-controllers and check the performance of pneumatic transmitters.


  • Check transmitter output for accuracy.
  • Calibrate proportional band of receiver-controllers.
  • Calibrate percent of authority of receiver-controllers.
  • Adjust the receiver-controller setpoint.
  • Calibrate indication gauges of pneumatic devices.

Connections: (6) quick sealing disconnect fittings. TOOL-100-500 includes 3' of 1/4'' I.D. flexible plastic tubing connected to each male fitting.

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Receiver-Controller Calibration Kit

The PCG-250 Receiver-Controller & Transmitter Calibration Kit is designed for use in field set up and calibration. This Kit can be used to set up either single or dual input receiver controllers, and to check transmitter operation. Included is a molded carrying case, fittings, tubing and instructions.

Confused by all the math?

This slide rule calculator takes the mystery out of calibrating receiver controllers.

Proportional band and authority % settings are calculated easily with this tool. Calculates adjustments for: Honeywell, MCC Powers, Robertshaw, Barber-Colman.

Magnehelic® Air Velocity Kit

Magnehelic® Air Velocity Kits contain gauge in plastic carrying case, with aluminum stand, two 1/8" NPT to rubber tubing adapters, 9 foot length of 3/16" tubing, and brass terminal tube.

Use with pitot tube (order separately) for air velocity measurement, or without pitot tube for pressure measurement. Magnehelic gauges are less sensitive to level than liquid, yet offer accuracy to ±2% over the full scale. Air Velocity Scale provides direct reading without conversions. They are handy to use on a ladder or in confined locations. Provides exceptionally responsive, consistently accurate indication of air velocity, positive, negative or differential pressures.

Dual Range Air Balancing Kit

Our most popular precision air velocity instrument, the ABK400 is used to balance air conditioning systems, measure drop across filters, test fan and blower discharge and inlet pressure, as well as air velocity in ducts.

  • Measure both pressure and velocity
  • Read the red figures directly in f.p.m.
  • Read the black figures in inches W.C.
  • No conversion tables needed

A versatile, all around manometer for the air conditioning and air balancing contractor or industrial plant engineer.

Complete air velocity meter kit includes:

  • Inclined vertical manometer
  • Stainless steel calibrated pitot tube
  • Air velocity calculator slide rule
  • Two 9 ft. lengths of rubber tubing with connectors
  • Magnetic mounting clips
  • Additional gauge oil
  • Steel carrying case

Air Velocity-Static Pressure Kit

Simplest, quickest to use air velocity instrument we know of. The AVK1000 Air Meter is very popular for service work or air conditioning, heating and ventilating equipment. Direct reading air velocity and static pressure scales — both high and low range — show supply and return grille velocities, duct air velocities, furnace draft, pressure drop across air filters, etc.

A Complete Pocket-Sized Kit!

Includes air meter, return and supply grille probes, angle connector, cleaning materials, instruction card, air velocity calculator, carrying case and one extra plastic ball in plastic tube.

Digital Pneumatic Calibration Meter

Now you can have a solid state, digital pressure gauge with the specific range (0-30 psi) needed to set up, calibrate and troubleshoot pneumatic HVAC controls.

You can now get an accurate digital readout for any positive, negative or differential pressure in your plant or building. This new instrument will measure any non-corrosive liquid or gas.

Get laboratory accuracy (±0.5% of full scale) with the divisions (to .10 PSI) needed to make the precise calibrations demanded by today’s Energy Management and Automation Systems.

  • Large, Easy To Read 1/2'' LCD Display
  • Housed in a solid aluminum case
  • Up to 500 hours on one battery (9V included.)
  • No set-up or leveling needed

This kit comes complete with a tough grey, nylon carrying pouch which includes a convenient side compartment for tubing and other accessories. With belt loop, hand strap and adjustable shoulder strap.


  • Pneumatic air mains & branches
  • Receiver-controllers
  • Actuators
  • Transmitters
  • Automation transducers (I-P, P-I)
  • Sensors


CONNECTIONS 1/4'' or 3/8'' OD barb
MINOR DIV. 0.10 psi
SENSOR Solid State silicon piezoresistive
ACCURACY ±0.5% of full scale
  • Manual Leak Testing
  • Signal Simulation
  • Manual Positioning


1. Digital Pressure Gauge
2. Nylon Carrying Pouch
3. Pressure Simulating Bulb
4. 1/4'' Barb Tee
5. 1/4'' Rubber Tubing
6. 1/4'' Barb Connector
7. Pneumatic Calibration Chart

The "All New" Universal Pneumatic Calibration Kit Packs It All…


The recently enhanced Universal Pneumatic Calibration Kit helps maintenance mechanics and service contractors solve calibration problems for Barber-Colman, Honeywell, Johnson, Powers, and Robertshaw pneumatic controls.

Save! Calibrate, troubleshoot, and repair pneumatic control systems without buying separate manufacturer’s kits.

The Kit includes:
Calibration wrenches and adjusting tools for all major brands
Baumanometer air bulb and pressure reducing valve
• Calibrating pressure gauges and thermometer
• Starter kit of adapters, fittings, and tubing
Temperature transmitter chart
• Durable molded toolbox with divided trays and extra storage space