Pneumatic Transmitters

Temperature Transmitter Replacement Kits

Retroline Temperature Transmitters are direct acting, one-pipe instruments which sense temperature and transmit a proportional pneumatic signal to the remotely located receiver gauge and/or receiver controller.

  • Temperature ranges exactly match replaced product
  • Room transmitter comes complete with mounting hardware and cover
  • Remote sensing bulb size and capillary length same as replaced product
  • Installation instruction provided
Part # Honeywell # Desc Range  
184-0120 LP914A1003 12" Rigid Bulb -40 to 160 F Call... Add to Order
184-0121 LP914A1052 6" Rigid Bulb 40 to 240 F Call... Add to Order
184-0126 TP974A1000 Wall Mount 50 to 100 F Call... Add to Order
Part # Johnson # Desc Range  
184-0123 T-5210-1002 8" Remote Bulb 0 to 100 F Call... Add to Order
184-0125 T-5210-1009 18' Averaging 0 to 100 F Call... Add to Order
184-0129 T-5210-1007 18' Averaging 50 to 150 F Call... Add to Order

Unit Mounted Thermostat Replacement Kits

The unit mounted thermostat is a remote bulb, gradual acting instrument designed to control the temperature within an occupied space by positioning pneumatic devices. It is factory calibrated to competitor’s changeover pressures, making replacement easy.

  • Direct replacement of competitor’s models
  • Factory calibrated changeover supply pressures
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Liquid filled thermal system
  • Mounting bracket provided

Pneumatic Calibration Card

Substitution of pneumatic controls is relatively simple. One problem, however, is that control manufacturers cannot agree on terminology because they don’t want you to change their part to another brand. This chart can be used to eliminate that confusion, giving you the flexibility to substitute whatever brand you prefer. This way you can select the best product for the application, no matter who makes it.

Call NECC for your FREE calibration cards!

Port Nomenclature Comparison For Pneumatic Controls

ROBERTSHAW Temperature Transmitters

JOHNSON Temperature Transmitters

Honeywell Temperature Transmitters

Note: When installing any of the averaging models above, order part number “CC4” capillary clips.

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Powers Temperature Transmitters

Limitem Thermostats

The Reliable Powers Limitem Thermostats are a rugged line of controllers used in commercial and industrial applications. Available in direct and remotebulb models and the mostcommonly used ranges.

Part # Range F Action Bulb  
357-0005 120 to 230 D.A. 40' cap. Call... Add to Order

Honeywell Pneumatic Temperature Controllers

High-capacity, single-temperature controller used to provide proportional control of pneumatic dampers and valves regulating air and liquid temperatures. This controller may be used as a primary limit, mixed air, outdoor air, changeover or discharge controller for air or water.

Part # Action Bulb Type  
LP920B1011 R.A. Well Call... Add to Order
LP920B1029 R.A. 10" cap. Call... Add to Order

Differential Pressure Transmitter

  • Sense water, steam, air, or oil
  • Monitor and control boilers, chillers, and pumps
  • Single pipe installation
  • Stainless steel control mechanism

Static Pressure Transmitter

  • Signal directly proportional to the static pressure being sensed
  • Measure static pressure drop across filters, fans, and mor
  • One pipe transmitter