Honeywell Switching Relays

Honeywell Enclosed Switching Relays

General purpose relays with full surface mount enclosure and knockouts, and metal case and cover.

Part # Power Coil Amps Trans Switch Price  
R845A1030 120 24 7.4 Yes DPST $190.71 Add to Order
R847A1085 120 24 16 Yes DPST $237.19 Add to Order
R8845U1003 24 24 7.4 No DPDT $145.40 Add to Order
RA832A1074 240 24 7.4 Yes DPST $265.77 Add to Order
RA89A1074 120 24 10.2 Yes SPST $153.22 Add to Order

Honeywell SPUD-Mount (Knockout) Relay

Provides low voltage control of line voltage fan motors and auxiliary circuits in heating, cooling, or heating/cooling systems. Integral 1/2” conduit spud allow relay to be mounted on standard junction box knockout.

Part # Volts Switch Price  
R8225A1017 24 SPDT $136.31 Add to Order

Honeywell Fan Center

Mounts on a 4x4 junction box with 24V transformer and replaceable R8222 relay.

Part # Switch Trans Plug-In Relay Price  
R8239A1052 SPDT 120V R8222B $103.20 Add to Order
R8239B1043 DPDT 120V R8222D $120.37 Add to Order

Honeywell General Purpose and Heavy Duty Switching Relays

All models feature quick-connect blade-type solderless terminals. Switching diagram molded into the top of the relay for wiring convenience.

12 amp models shown. 16 amp models available.

Part # Switch VAC Price  
R4222B1082 SPDT 120 $40.34 Add to Order
R4222D1013 DPDT 120 $41.82 Add to Order
R4222D1021 DPDT 208/240 $43.68 Add to Order
R8222B1067 SPDT 24 $36.28 Add to Order
R8222D1014 DPDT 24 $38.85 Add to Order


Part # Relay Accessories Price  
Q633A1007 4x4 Plate Mount Socket Kit $70.82 Add to Order