Pneumatic In-Electric Out Relays

Johnson Controls Pneumatic–Electric Relay: DPST

The PE201 closes or opens an electrical circuit using a predetermined air pressure signal. Typical applications includes the control of air conditioners, fans, electrical heating

Connection: 1/4'' barb elements, ducts furnaces and more.
Switch: 12A
Signal: 3 to 30 psi adjustable

Johnson Controls Pneumatic–Electric Relay: SPDT

The PE301 series switches are SPDT snap switch activated by an adjustable pneumatic signal. Typical uses are to activate fans, heaters, pumps, chillers, alarms and more.

Connection: 1/4'' barb
Signal: 3 to 30 psi adjustable

Johnson Controls Pneumatic–Electric Relay: Two-stage

The P10FC-4 provides two-stage pressure electric control for self-contained heating-cooling unit ventilators with mechanical refrigeration.

  • Features two enclosed snap-acting SPDT switches with color-coded terminals
  • Includes a calibrated indicator scale for the high trip point

Connection: 1/4'' barb

Johnson Conrols Pneumatic–Electric Relay: Duplex

The P10PA provides continuous fan operation and damper control during day cycle and intermittent fan operation during night cycle. It has Two of the switches are mechanically joined and operate together.

  • Three enclosed normally closed SPST switches
  • Factory calibration of the mechanically joined switches
  • Two calibrated indicator scales to display high trip points

3-SPST 6A Switches: 1 opens high 6#, 2 & 3 open high 18# three normally closed SPST switches.
1/4'' barb
Signal: 3 to 30 psi adjustable