Time Delay Relays

ICM Delay On Make Timer

This device is ideal for compressor staging and delaying the start up of motors and other devices. The ICM102 helps to reduce power surges in multiple compressor applications.


Control Voltage: 18-240 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 2 watts max. during timing


Maximum Rating: 1.5 amp
Minimum Rating: 40mA
In-rush: 15 amps
Voltage Drop:
2.5 V maximum @ 1.5 amp (ICM102)
4.5 V maximum @ 1.5 amp (ICM203)
Leakage Current: 5mA maximum @ 240 VAC
Bypass Resistor: <1KΩ @ 24 VAC


  • Universal voltage operation
  • Higher 1.5 amp rating
  • Knob-adjustable time delay
  • Adjustable delays of .03-10 minutes
  • Works with anticipator-type thermostats
  • Simple 2-wire hook up

ICM Delay On Break Timer

This device provides reliable short cycle protection which helps protect HVAC equipment from damage which may be caused by the rapid short-cycling of compressors.

Part # Time Delay Relays  
ICM102 Delay on Make Timer, .03-10 minute adjustable Call... Add to Order
ICM203 Delay on Break Timer, .03-10 minute adjustable Call... Add to Order