Johnson Controls HVAC Pressure Sensors

Johnson Controls Pressure Control Module

The P352 Pressure Controller is an automatic reset electronic pressure control with SPDT relay output and LED indication. The P352 is designed with a selectable direct/reverse switch, adjustable differential, and replaceable pressure transmitters. Wall- or DIN-rail mounting.


  • condenser fan cycling
  • compressor unloading
  • high pressure indication

Output: SPDT, 10A Input: 24Vac

Johnson Controls Pressure Staging Module

The S352 Stage Module is used in conjunction with the P352 Pressure Control to add multistage capability. Up to five S352’s can be added to the P352 via the 5-pin plug-in connector.


  • multiple staging of condenser fans
  • multiple compressor unloading

Johnson Controls Low Pressure Control Module with Modulating Output

Now you have an A350 Series module for very low pressure applications!

Use for low pressure (inches water column) applications when you need a proportional output. Both models shown have a selectable 0–10Vdc or 0–20mA output. Use separately or expand your options with the R353 signal input and S353 staging modules (see System 350 Accessory page).

Johnson Controls Pressure Sensor for P352


  • direct mounting
  • compact size and light weight allow for mounting by pressure port aloneP399 Pressure Transducers
  • wiring harness required, call us for options

Part # Signal Range Type  
P399BAC-1-200C 0-5Vdc 0-500 psi Pressure Sensor for P352 Call... Add to Order