Static Pressure Sensors, Pitot Tubes & Gauge Fluids

Dwyer Static Pressure Tips

These sensors are used to sense static or differential pressure for duct or building pressure measurement.


  • manometers
  • Magnehelic gauges
  • pneumatic transmitters
  • differential pressure switches
  • low pressure transducers
  • system powered controls
  • VAV controls
  • static pressure switches

Part # Pressure Tip Description Price  
A-301 1/4" compression connection $9.90 Add to Order
A-302 3/16" or 1/8" ID barbed connection $9.10 Add to Order
A-303 Magnet-mount 3/16" ID tube connection $9.95 Add to Order
A-305 Low resistance tip - 1/8" NPT $59.50 Add to Order
A-306 Outdoor static pressure sensor with 50' tubing and mounting bracket $53.50 Add to Order
A-307 Static pressure fitting, 1/4" compression $5.30 Add to Order
A-308 Static pressure fitting, 1/4" barbed $4.10 Add to Order

Dwyer Stainless Steel Pitot Tubes

Pitot tubes differ from static pressure tips. They have two internal tubes that measure static pressure and total pressure.

Use with air velocity gauges, balancing kits, pneumatic air velocity transmitters, electronic air velocity transducers, and other applications where air velocity measurement is needed.

(Click on diagram below to enlarge)


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Inch graduations on sides of 160 series to quickly determine exact insertion depth
  • Dwyer Air Velocity Calculator, direct reading flow charts and instructions included
  • Use 1/8'' models in ducts as small as 4''; 5/16'' models in ducts 10'' or larger
  • No calibration needed

Part # Description Length Price  
160-12 Standard - 5/16" 12" $76.00 Add to Order
160-18 Standard - 5/16" 18" $81.50 Add to Order
160-24 Standard - 5/16" 24" $84.50 Add to Order
160-36 Standard - 5/16" 36" $97.00 Add to Order
160-48 Standard - 5/16" 48" $99.00 Add to Order
160-60 Standard - 5/16" 60" $132.00 Add to Order
160-8 Standard - 5/16" 8" $74.00 Add to Order
166-12 Pocket Size - 1/8" 12" $85.00 Add to Order
166-6 Pocket Size - 1/8" 6" $83.00 Add to Order
A-159 Duct Mounting Flange --  $28.00 Add to Order

Dwyer Air Measurement Gauge Fluids

These replacement fluids have been specifically formulated for use in Dwyer and other liquid filled measurement devices. They are designed with high visibility colors and the exact specific gravity ( needed for the listed instruments.

Blue Gauge Oil (1.910 – for Mark II models 26 and 28, and other special instruments
Fluorescein Green Color Concentrate 3/4oz.
– water coloring agent contains wetting agent for use in vertical manometers only
Red Gauge Oil
(0.826 – for use in manometers and all Dwyer gauges using red oil
Violet Gauge Oil
(1.000 – use in place of water for better meniscus and visibility

Part # Fluid Description Price  
A101 Red Gauge Oil - 3/4 oz. $7.30 Add to Order
A102 Red Gauge Oil - 4 oz. $14.00 Add to Order
A103 Red Gauge Oil - 1 pt. $32.25 Add to Order
A104 Red Gauge Oil - 1 qt. $60.50 Add to Order
A110 Blue Gauge Oil - 3/4 oz. $137.00 Add to Order
A111 Blue Gauge Oil - 1 pt. $1,797.00 Add to Order
A120 Violet Gauge Oil - 3/4 oz. $37.25 Add to Order
A121 Violet Gauge Oil - 4 oz. $89.50 Add to Order
A122 Violet Gauge Oil - 1 pt. $375.00 Add to Order
A126 Green Concentrate - 3/4 oz. $10.75 Add to Order

Duct Sensors for VAV Systems

These sensors are designed for use with VAV terminal units in HVAC systems. They are used in conjunction with the CEP series of controller/ actuators to maintain the desired airflow to an occupied space.

Two lengths are available for accommodating various box inlet sizes. Sensors are inserted into the inlet collar of the box. The foam backing on the sensor head protects against conditioned air leakage.

Part # KMC Duct Sensor Price  
HSO-5001 Thermostat Test Leads $50.51 Add to Order
SSE-1001 4'' Sensor, 3-wire $85.35 Add to Order
SSE-1002 8'' Sensor, 3-wire $94.81 Add to Order
SSE-2001 4'' Sensor, 5-wire $128.02 Add to Order
SSE-2002 8'' Sensor, 5-wire $142.24 Add to Order

Differential Pressure Flow Sensors

These sensors are designed to sense differential pressure in the inlet section of variable air volume terminal units and fan terminal units. They can also be used to sense differential pressure at other locations in the main or branch duct systems.

The “H” port senses total pressure and the “L” port senses static pressure The difference between these signals is differential or velocity pressure.

These sensor are normally used in conjunction with the VAV 1000, 2000 and 3000 series VAV terminal controllers for individual zone control in HVAC systems.

There are four lengths available to accommodate box size diameters of 4'' up to 16''.

Part # Sensing Points Length Static Pickup Tubes Price  
HFO-0015 - - 4'' Insertion $11.19 Add to Order
HFO-0016 - - 6'' Insertion $11.19 Add to Order
SSS-1002 One 3-1/8'' - $32.01 Add to Order
SSS-1003 Two 5-3/8'' - $36.02 Add to Order
SSS-1004 Three 7-5/8'' - $42.68 Add to Order
SSS-1005 Four 10'' - $49.35 Add to Order