Smoke Detectors, Duct

National, state and local fire codes are increasingly calling for duct smoke detectors for commercial buildings, Now you have a budget-priced, multi-purpose smoke detector to fill this need.

These units give you dependable performance for rapid shutdown of fans, blowers, and HVAC systems. Prevent the rapid spread of toxic smoke and fire gases, and the resulting loss of life.


These duct smoke detectors feature a convenient design which can accommodate either a photoelectronic or ionization sensor head. Their twist-in, twist-out detector heads allow easy removal for quick cleaning, maintenance, or a change in application without removing the duct housing or sampling tube.

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Alarm Contacts: SPST, 2.0A
Auxiliary Contacts: 2 SPDT, 10A
Trouble Contacts: SPST, 0.3A
Power: 24Vac/dc, 120Vac, 240Vac
Cover: Clear polycarbonate for easy inspection
Velocity: 300 to 4000 f.p.m.

Part # Description  
APC-MSRHK-APR Remote Test Station with Alarm Horn Call... Add to Order
L-364-P Photoelectronic Duct Detector Call... Add to Order
L-367-N Duct Sampling Tube (6" to 2.5' duct) Call... Add to Order
L-368-N Duct Sampling Tube (2.5' to 5' duct) Call... Add to Order
L-369-N Duct Sampling Tube (5' to 10' duct) Call... Add to Order

Smoke in a Can Tester

Test your room and duct smoke detectors … the clean, easy way!

More accurate than pushing a test button. Simulates an actual smoke condition.

  • UL Listed for all brands and models of photoelectronic or ionization detectors
  • No smoke bombs
  • No contaminating residue
  • No CFC’s – ozone safe!