Spirax Sarco Steam Traps

Steam Controls

Steam is an ideal way to deliver a great deal of heat. Efficient steam utilization begins at the boiler and doesn’t end until the hot condensate is returned to the boiler. Control of steam throughout the facility is necessary to provide the most energy efficient usage and maintain the rated performance into the system.

The Spirax/Sarco Series 25 Is Versatile And Simple …

It’s easy to change or combine pilots to meet your control requirements. The only tool needed is a wrench. Total interchangeability means you do not have to stock every size valve you need with every type of control it might require. Any pilot fits any Spirax/Sarco 25 series valve. One valve body—sizes 1/2'' through 6'' cast iron for up to 250# liquid service, or sizes 1/2'' through 4'' cast steel for up to 300# steam service.

Spirax/Sarco furnishes pilot combinations to meet every control function:

  • Temperature control
  • Air-operated pressure reduction
  • Pressure reduction
  • Electric on/off control
  • Temperature-indicating
  • Pressure and temperature pressure reduction

Sarco Steam Traps

Sarco Float-Thermostatic Traps

These traps are equipped with separate thermostatic air vents which automatically remove all air and gases reaching the trap.

Steam Traps

Sarco Thermostatic Traps

These traps are primarily used for small pipe applications. 1/2" and 3/4" NPT straight and angle patterns.

Sarco Pipeline Strainers

“Y” Strainers

This important but often overlooked device keeps foreign materials from damaging expensive valves and traps.

Sarco Condensate & Boiler Feed Pumps

Sarco Electric Pumps

Spirax/Sarco electric condensate and boiler feed pumps are package units completely assembled, wired and tested at the factory.

Sarco Condensate Pumps

Pressure-powered Pumps

The Spirax/Sarco pressure-powered pump is both a pump and a pumping trap designed for trouble-free operation under all conditions.

Sarco Separators

Spirax/Sarco Separators

Remove moisture from steam and compressed air pipelines of the main flow. Separators ensure that steam is delivered to its point of use dry—particularly important for highly rated plants, or for equipment such as sterilizers.