SENSOR; 1000 OHM +/- .1%; FOR TOTAL RANGE (-50/250F) ULTRA
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TE-6000-100 Temperature Sensing Element, 1,000 ohm nickel wide range element, ±0.1% accuracy at -50 to 250°F (-46 to 121°C).


TE-6000 Series elements typically work with TE-6001 hardware assemblies to provide a wide variety of temperature-sensing applications. All models have nickel elements except the TE-6359-1 model.

Features and Benefits

Accurate Sensing Elements.. Provide excellent performance in a wide variety of control applications

Numerous Element Styles (Surface, Solar, and Bearing).. Satisfy a variety of temperature-sensing applications

Bearing Sensing Element (TE-6000-11 only).. Monitors bearing temperature to optimize equipment use and maintenance.


The TE-6000 element provides a varying resistance to a controller. When the temperature at the element increases, the resistance of the element rises:

The nickel element increases 3 ohms/F° (5.4 ohms/C°) with a reference resistance of 1,000 ohms at 70°F (21°C).

The platinum element increases 2.2 ohms/F° (3.9 ohms/C°) with a reference resistance of 1,000 ohms at 32°F (0°C).

Te-6000 (TE-6000.pdf, 106 Kb) [Download]

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