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Wireless Thermostat Controller System for Staged Equipment, 0 to 10 VDC into
2k ohm Resistance Economizer Output Rating, 10 mW Maximum Transmission Power
• wireless communication - allows BAS communications capability in applications where field bus wiring within the building is prohibitive
• integral wireless signal strength testing built into wireless thermostat controllers and coordinators — provides quick, easy, visual
indication of the wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signal strength between a sensor and associated receiver; helps locate optimum device
positions during installation; and aids troubleshooting your applications
• onboard occupancy sensor (Passive Infrared [PIR] Models) - provides energy savings without additional installation time and cost
• password protection option - protects against unwanted thermostat controller tampering
• backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - offers real-time control status of the environment in easy-to-read, English text messages with
constant backlight that brightens during user interaction
• two configurable digital inputs on all models - provide additional inputs for advanced functions such as remote night setback, service or
filter alarms, or occupancy override
• over 20 configurable parameters - enable the TEC200x-4 and TEC200x-4+PIR Series Wireless Networked Thermostat Controllers to
adapt to any application, allowing installer parameter access without opening the cover
• Economizer output (TEC2004-4 and TEC2004-4+PIR models) - provides control of economizer operation for single and multi-stage
unitary rooftop equipment
• optional discharge air sensor - monitors unit efficiency

The TEC200x-4 and TEC200x-4+PIR Series Wireless Thermostat Controller System is ideal for any location where it is cost-prohibitive,
difficult, or aesthetically unappealing to hard wire between BACnet devices, including supervisory controllers (such as NCE25 or
NAE35/ 45/55 engines) and thermostat controllers. Examples of these locations include the following:
• Commercial structures with brick or solid concrete walls and/or ceilings that impede hard-wired TEC200x-4 and TEC200x-4+PIR Series
Thermostat Controller applications
• Office buildings, retail stores, and other commercial real estate where tenant turnover is frequent
• Museums, historical buildings, atriums, and other sites where building aesthetics and historical preservation are important
• Buildings with marble, granite, glass, mirrored, wood veneer, or other decorative surfaces that present challenges to hard-wired applications
• Buildings with asbestos or other hazardous materials that must not be penetrated or disturbed
• Buildings with occupants sensitive to disruptions to business

TEC20024+PIR, T20024PIR