Johnson Controls ComBus Quick Tester

Johnson Controls ComBus Quick Tester

Use for all Johnson Controls N2 bus systems – new or existing. No cables needed – Plug existing bus connector directly into tester.

The ComBus Quick Tester quickly tests your entire system. It checks bus voltages indicating Pass/Fail, counts all devices on the bus and identifies each for display. It works as a Master Controller to check the entire system or portions.

Automatic and User Operations:

  • Start button starts or stops automatic testing
  • Checks for AC voltage on the bus (24 VAC)
  • Checks for Master Connected and Polling
  • Checks bus DC voltage levels and polarity – displays levels and Pass/Fail
  • Scans device addresses 001 to 255 to identify and count each device
  • Displays device count and checksum for engineering blueprint cross-check
  • Scrollable device address and 2 or 3 character device code identifier

Other Feature to Make Your Job Easier:

  • 2-line by 8-character LCD display with Power On backlighting
  • Power button for On/Off with 5-minute inactivity timer for Auto Power Off. Press 1/2 second for On. Press & hold for Off
  • Self protected from accidental connection to 24 VAC
  • Plug-in, 4-position N2 bus connector accepts 3 or 4-position connectors
  • End-of-line slide switch for termination Out/In
  • Rugged drop resistant case (5.5x3.4x1.4 in.) with flip-out stand
  • Bright orange protective boot
  • Uses two AA alkaline batteries (included)

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Test an entire system with one click! In as little as 80 seconds!!!