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TG511A1000  Medium universal thermostat guard Clear cover



The Versaguard® Universal Thermostat Guards cover wall thermostats and protect against tampering, damage and unauthorized adjustment of thermostat settings.



Unique double­wall construction provides extra measure of tamper­resistance. Used in both new and existing applications.

Tamper­resistant lock; key cannot be removed unless in locked position. All models mount vertically or horizontally on wall or exposed junction box. Vents in guard base allow airflow for optimum thermostat performance.


Product Specifications

Application… Medium Thermostat Guard

Dimensions (in.)… Outside­­Height: 6 1/2 in., Width: 7 1/2 in., Depth: 2 15/16 in.; Inside­­Height: 5 1/16 in., Width: 6 1/16 in.

Dimensions (mm)… Outside­­Height: 165 mm, Width: 191 mm, Depth: 75 mm; Inside­­Height: 129 mm, Width… 154 mm

Color… Ring Base­­clear acrylic; Wall plate­­Opaque Polystyrene


Guidebook 111 (Guidebook_111.pdf, 86 Kb) [Download]

Tg511 (TG511.pdf, 926 Kb) [Download]

Tg510 (TG510.pdf, 926 Kb) [Download]

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