Metal Locking Thermostat Guards

These durable metal guards come in a variety of sizes. Choose from light duty, heavy duty, cast metal and wire. We have selected a flexible assortment to suit all your needs.

Locking Metal Thermostat Guards

Part # Desc Base H (inside) W (inside) D (inside)  
BTG-54VL Metal Hinged Solid 6-1/4 4-3/4 3 Call... Add to Order
BTG-54VLW Metal Hinged Ring 6 3-13/16 3-1/8 Call... Add to Order
BTG-EM Mini Metal Solid 3-7/8 3-1/2 2-1/2 Call... Add to Order

Shaw-Perkins Security Guards

Heavy gauge (16ga) steel for thermostats and smoke detectors. Prevents damage to the thermostats due to vandalism by students, patients, inmates.

  1. Provides full gravity air flow but prevents thermostat reading by casual observer.
  2. Ease of installation—can be installed without removing the thermostat from wall.
  3. Eliminates repair and replacement cost due to vandalism.
  4. Proven reliability in major penal institutions and schools throughout the United States.

Important: Strength of final installation requires heavy solid anchoring.

Part # Desc H W D  
SDG-11475 Smoke Detector Guards - 11 4-3/4 Call... Add to Order
SDG-12124 Smoke Detector Guards - 12 4 Call... Add to Order
SDG-773 Smoke Detector Guards - 7 3 Call... Add to Order
SDG-774 Smoke Detector Guards - 7 4 Call... Add to Order
SDG-854 Smoke Detector Guards - 8-1/2 4 Call... Add to Order
T-7200 Horizontal Thermostat Guards 5 8-1/2 2-1/2 Call... Add to Order
TG-1654 Horizontal Thermostat Guards 5 5-1/4 2-1/4 Call... Add to Order
TGH-16 Horizontal Thermostat Guards 4 6 3 Call... Add to Order
TGPH Horizontal Thermostat Guards 2-1/4 3-1/2 2-1/8 Call... Add to Order
TGPV Vertical Thermostat Guards 3-1/2 2-1/4 2-3/8 Call... Add to Order
TGV-16 Vertical Thermostat Guards 6 4 3 Call... Add to Order

Heavy Duty Institutional Guards

Extra Durable steel wire or cast aluminum guards for severe problem areas where
plastic guards just aren’t good enough.