Pneumatic Thermostats

Siemens/Powers Pneumatic Thermostats

For years, Powers has maintained a fine reputation for top quality.

Their comfort controls are built and tested to the same standards as their Industrial grade process controls. Powers has a full assortment of pneumatic models for exact replacement or competitive substitution.

Cover not included–Purchase separately

Johnson Controls Pneumatic Thermostats

There are more Johnson pneumatic controls installed in the U.S.A. than any other brand. For replacement of new or old pneumatic models, rely on NECC’s extensive data base for the help you need. Replacing thermostats is simple. If you don’t regularly service your pneumatic system, start with thermostats.

Cover not included–Purchase separately

Honeywell Pneumatic Thermostats

Honeywell, one of the oldest and best known controls companies is available in a full assortment of temperature control options, older models can be directly upgraded with a modernization kit. If cost is a consideration or if you just like the quality of the older models, you might want to consider an NECC rebuilt stat. See our repair page to find your options.

Cover not included–Purchase separately