Electronic In-Pneumatic Out Transducers


Don’t throw away all those reliable pneumatic controls when automating!

The EP315 can CONVERT your automation signal directly into a proportional pneumatic signal allowing you to operate all your existing pneumatic controls.


  • Lower cost than electronic actuators
  • Considerably less conversion labor
  • Existing repair parts inventory not obsolete
  • Easier to service pneumatic actuators
  • Mechanics are more familiar with existing devices
  • You can’t get a simpler actuator than a bladder and spring! You have enough trauma when automating—why make unnecessary changes to devices that still work!
POWER 24 Vac/dc
INPUT SIGNALS 1-5Vdc, 2-10Vdc, 4-20mA
OUTPUT 3-15 psi
AIR USE 28.8 scim
FEEDBACK SIGNAL 1-5Vdc linear to pneumatic signal
MOUNT 3.25'' snaptrack
AIR CONN. 1/4'' O.D. tube

AUTOMATE YOUR PNEUMATIC SYSTEMS! Convert Your Computer Signal to a Pneumatic Output ...

Electronic to Pneumatic Transducer

0–5, 10, 15Vdc, 0–20mA input … 0–15 psi output

These electronic to pneumatic transducers accept an electronic signal and converts the input to a proportional pneumatic output signal. All models provide a 0 to 5Vdc feedback signal proportional to the controlled branch line pressure.


  • Field Selectable Input
  • Gauge Port
  • Analog Feedback Volts
  • Solid State Transducer
  • 1/4'' Barbed Fittings
  • External Air Filter
  • 3.25'' Snap Track Mounted
  • 24Vac/dc powered


  • 3-way Mixing Valve Control>
  • Chiller Loading
  • Pilot Positioners
  • Valve and Damper Actuators
  • Fan Vane Control
  • DDC Control
  • Compressor Staging
  • Pneumatic Actuators
Part # Type SCIM  
PXP1.3 Bleed type - .010 Orifice 73 Call... Add to Order
PXP2.3 With exhaust valve None Call... Add to Order

Floating Point to Pneumatic Transducer

The PTS3.2 Series Transducer converts two digital (increase/decrease) signals into a proportional pneumatic signal ranging from 0–15 psi. The full scale pneumatic output is 15 psi with 255 steps of resolution.


  • Accepts two relay contact closures, transistor, or triac input (standard)
  • Field adjustable for minimum and maximum pressure output plus manual override
  • LED status indicators for up/down signal input
  • Branch pressure feedback signal


  • Power: 24Vac/dc
  • Inputs: SPDT floating point
  • Output: 0–15psi
  • Position feedback signal: 0–5Vdc
  • Connections: 1/4'' barb tube 1/8'' gauge port
  • Mount: 2.25'' snap track

Models shown maintain branch pressure on power failure. For exhaust on failure models, order model PTS3.2FSV with rate of change number 1 or 2.

Part # Rate of Chg  
EFP 45, 90 sec., 1, 2 min. Call... Add to Order
EFP2 30 sec., 3, 6, 8 min. Call... Add to Order

Barber-Colman 4-20mA to 3-15 psi Transducer

This transducer receives a 4–20 mA input signal and produces a 3–15 psig pneumatic output signal to position damper and valve actuators in HVAC systems. Snap track mounted.

Connections: 1/4" O.D. tube-barbed

Barber-Colman Electronic-Pneumatic Transducer

Electronic-pneumatic transducer receives a variable electronic input signal and produces a variable pneumatic output signal.

  • Max air consumption: 16 scim
  • Air connection: 1/4'' OD tube
  • Snap-track mount
Part # Power Inputs Output  
CP-8511-024 24Vac ORDER 6-9Vdc, 1-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc 3-15 psi Call... Add to Order

Johnson Controls Electronic-Pneumatic Transducer

The EP-8000 converts voltage or current signal from an electronic controller into a proportional pneumatic output pressure signal.

Connections: 5/32, 1/4'' BARB
NOTE: 1-pipe models require a restrictor (.007)—not included.