Electronic In-Relay Out Transducers

Need Extra Outputs?

The Transducer-Relays on this page convert PWM or analog input signals to SPDT relay outputs. Use them wherever you want to provide system switching device economically.

Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) to 4 or 8 Electronic Staging Relays

Relay Features:

  • Individually addressable
  • Relays can be set in sequencing order for staging
  • Switches can be combined for double- or triple-throw circuits
  • Each relay has on/off/auto override for individual control, or manual override
  • LED on/off status indicator
  • Single input connection
  • Novar and Solidyne ranges available
Part # Input Output Load  
DMUX-4J PWM 4 SPDT 2 Amps Call... Add to Order
DMUX-8J PWM 8 SPDT 2 Amps Call... Add to Order

Analog Input to 2-SPDT Relay Output

Independently adjustable SPDT relays operate with a common input. Each relay is adjustable over the full range of the input span. Two potentiometers control each relay. One pot sets the turn-on signal level and the other sets the turn-off level.

You can use it for staging, overlapping contacts, sequencing, dead band, and more …

Up to 6 modules can be snapped together to perform many other functions from the same single input. This allows the installer to add relay functions without any additional input wiring. Installed separately, each module can have a different input.


  • Power: 24Vac/dc
  • Input Signals: 0-24Vdc, 0-20mA
  • Relay: 2-SPDT, 10A
  • Deadband: Fixed or adjustable (jumper selectable)
Part # Adjustable Analog Relay  
AAR Analog to 2-SPDT Track Mount Relay Call... Add to Order
Part # Mounting Rail  
P-603 2-7/8" wide x 4' Snap Track Call... Add to Order