Floating or Resistance Input Transducers

Floating Input to Volt or Current Output


  • Power: 24Vac/dc
  • Inputs: SPDT Floating
  • Output: 10 preset spans, DIP switch selectable: 0–1Vdc; 0–4Vdc; 0–10Vdc; 0–14Vdc; 0–18mA; 4–20mA 1–2Vdc; 1–5Vdc; 1–11Vdc; 1–15Vdc; 2 adjustable ranges: 0–20Vdc; 0–20mA
  • Trigger Level: 5–24Vdc or dry contact
  • Timing: Selectable—1,5,30 or 90 seconds
  • Resolution: 256 steps
  • Mount: 3.25'' snap track
Part # Floating to Analog  
AUD Floating to Analog Transducer Call... Add to Order

Resistance Input to Current Output


  • Input Ranges: 0–100, 0–135 (Series 90), 0–220, 0–500, 0–100, 0–2000, 0–2800 ohm
  • Output Range: 4–20mA
  • Power: 24Vdc
  • Mount: 2.25'' snap track
Part # Resistance to Current Transducer  
RTI-ENC1 Same as above with Enclosure Call... Add to Order

Floating Input to Adjustable Pneumatic Output

With Jumper Selectable Ranges


  • Input: SPDT Floating
  • Output Range: Selectable 0–10, 5–15, 0–15 psig
  • Gain: 1 to 7 time input
  • Offset: up to 18Vdc
  • Power: 24Vac/dc
  • Gauge Port: 1/8''
  • Mount: 3.25'' snap track

DIN Rail and Track Mounts For Electronic Devices

DIN rail is metal mounting rail. The device locks over the rail. Snap track is a plastic mounting rail. Terminal boards snap into the track.

DIN Rail Snap Track

Part # Mounting Rail  
DIN-12 12" DIN Mounting Rail Call... Add to Order
DIN-4 4" DIN Mounting Rail Call... Add to Order
P-603 2-7/8" wide x 4' Snap Track Call... Add to Order
P-605 3-3/8" wide x 4' Snap Track Call... Add to Order