Pressure in-Electronic Out Transducers

Robinson Halpern Industrial Pressure Transducers

The 152/252 series of pressure transducers have been discontinued, and are no longer available. Call us at (800) 227-9800 to discuss your application and to help you identify a suitable replacement.


  • Power: 12 to 38Vdc
  • Output: 4 to 20mA-2 wire
  • Ranges: See suffix chart
  • Adjustments: External zero and span
152C Standard Model
252C With high over pressure protection
P015 0-1.5# P130 0-30#
P030 0-3# P160 0-60#
P060 0-5# P210 0-100#
P110 0-10# *P215* 0-150#
P115 0-15# *P220* 0-200#
P905 3-15# *P230* 0-300#

For 3–15 psi range the model number would be 252C-P905.
* These ranges not available in Model 252C.

Pressure to Electronic Transducers

These devices accept various pressure inputs. They convert the pressure input into an electric or electronic output to send a system status or control signal back to your Central Processor or DDC system. Just select the model that matches the range you need.

3–15 psi to Volt/Current Snap-Track Mount

The PTI accepts a 3 to 15 psig input and converts it to proportional analog output signal of 4-20mA (can be made to output 1-5, 2-10, or 3-15 Vdc with the addition of an external resistor included.)

Features: Applications:
• 100% Solid State • Building Automation
• Linear Output
• Power Indicator • Process Control
• Barbed Fittings
• Gauge Port • Pneumatic System Monitoring
• Compact and Economical

Setra Differential or Static (In. W.C.) Pressure

The Setra Series 264 senses differential or static pressure and converts it to proportional electrical output. Used in Building Energy Management Systems, these transducers are capable of measuring pressures and flows with the accuracy necessary for proper building pressurization and air flow control.


  • HVAC • Static Duct Pressure
  • Automation Systems • Furnace Draft Controls
  • VAV Control • Clean Rooms
Part # Range Output Supply  
264-.25 0–0.25" w.c. 0–5Vdc 12–38Vdc Call... Add to Order
264-.5 0–0.5" w.c. 0–5Vdc 12–38Vdc Call... Add to Order
264-1 0–1" w.c. 0–5Vdc 12–38Vdc Call... Add to Order
264-5 0–5" w.c. 0–5Vdc 12–38Vdc Call... Add to Order
C-264-10 0-10" w.c. 4–20mA 12–38Vdc Call... Add to Order