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Honeywell Pneumatic Valves

The top chart shows Honeywell Valve Bodies only …

• For Pneumatic Systems: Use the proper size MP953 Valve Actuator. Select either a 5'', 8'', or 13'' top. For most valves, direct actuation and reverse actuation are performed by the actuator.

Valve Closeoff Ratings
Up to 1'' 150#
1-1/4'' 145#
1-1/2'' 91#
2'' 47#
2-1/2" 32#
3" 19#

Honeywell Two-way Flare Valves

Single seated, straight through pneumatic valves used for proportional control of unit air conditioners using hot and/or chilled water.

Normally open, single seated, high pressure valves provide proportional control of hit and/or cold water in unit air conditioners and fan coil units.

Honeywell Pneumatic Three-way Flare Valves

Three-way pneumatic mixing valves provide proportional control of hot and/or cold water in unit air conditioner and fan coil systems.

Note: All connections on this page are 45°SAE Flare

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These replacement kits contain a completely assembled top and stem assembly, valve seat and all fittings necessary to connect either copper or plastic tubing. Only the existing valve body must be reused. Rebuilding can be done without removing the valve body from the line. Replacement top assemblies contain the metal top, fitting and diaphragm.

Honeywell VP501, VP525, VP531 Valve Repair Parts

Honeywell VP526, VP527 Valve Repair Parts

Honeywell VP512 Repair Parts

Honeywell Unit Ventilator Valve Assemblies

A normally open, single seated, straight through pneumatic valve used for proportional control of steam or hot water in unit ventilator applications.

Honeywell Pneumatic Valve Actuators

These pneumatic actuators operate V5011 and V5013 valve assemblies.
They provide proportional control of steam or hot and cold liquids in HVAC systems.

* Actuators with positive positioner are 4-11# spring range

Honeywell Pneumatic Radiator Valve Assemblies

Normally open, single seated pneumatic radiator valve with straight through or angle body construction provides proportional control of two-pipe, hot water or steam systems.

Honeywell Unit Ventilator Pneumatic Valve Assemblies

Normally open, single seated valve provides proportional control of steam or hot or cold water in terminal units.

Honeywell MP953 Replacement Diaphragms

Old style 5" diaphragms have a flat edge around the circumference while new style diaphragms have a beaded roll edge. They are not interchangeable.

Silicone diaphragms are used in operators requiring higher temperature ratings. They are interchangeable with neoprene diaphragms of the same style and size.