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Honeywell Thermostatic Valves

Honeywell Thermostatic Radiator Valves

One of the simplest forms of temperature controls, radiator valves install quickly. They directly replace the manual shutoff valves on heating radiators. They are available in a variety of valve bodies and sensor configurations, so you can pick the model easiest to install.


Honeywell Thermostatic Actuators

Part # Thermostatic Actuators  
T1002W0NA Direct Mount Sensor/Setpoint Call... Add to Order
T100F1395 Remote 6' 8" Sensor, Integral Setpoint Call... Add to Order
T100M2056 Direct Mount Sensor/ Setpoint - Tamperproof Call... Add to Order

Braukmann Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Fastest Energy Payback! • Easy To Install • No Wiring
Compared with other energy-saving alternatives, thermostatic radiator valves represent one of the most COST EFFECTIVE ways to reduce total heating bills! A recent study of energy savings by several federal institutions concluded that thermostatic radiator valves are the best energy investment per BTU currently available.

  • Valve seat disc, which is made of resilient material, ensures tight shutoff on steam or hot water systems.
  • Nickel-plated cast brass body with working parts in cartridge insert for ease of service.
  • Requires no electrical connections.
  • All working parts are replaceable while valve remains in service, in-line, under pressure.
  • Valve normally open without control mounted.
1/2" 4.6 Cv 127 MBH
3/4" 5.8 Cv 162 MBH
1" 7.0 Cv 193 MBH

MBH = 1000 BTU / hr

Pressure Ratings:

150# Water, 15# Steam

NOTE: Horizontal angle valves are specifically engineered for direct-mounted sensors to keep them away from radiated heat.

Part # Size Valve Style  
V110D5001 1/2" Sweat Straight Call... Add to Order
V110D5009 3/4" Sweat Straight Call... Add to Order
V110D5017 1" Sweat Straight Call... Add to Order
V110E5005 1/2" Sweat Angle Call... Add to Order
V110E5013 3/4" Sweat Angle Call... Add to Order
V110F1026 1-1/4" NPT Horizontal Angle Call... Add to Order
V110F5003 1/2" Sweat Horizontal Angle Call... Add to Order
V110F5011 3/4" Sweat Horizontal Angle Call... Add to Order

Direct-mount sensor and setpoint dial. Includes built-in limit stops. Not for use in enclosure.

Valve mounted setpoint with 6.5' remote sensor.

Wall mounted sensor and setpoint dial connected to valve actuator by a 6'8" capillary.

Vandal-resistant direct-mount sensor and dial. Setpoint under locking cover. Factory set at 68°F.

Remote sensor and remote set dial. Both have separate 4.5' capillaries.

High Capacity Valve Actuators

Use these actuators with High Capacity V110 valves only.

Part # High Cap Valve Actuators  
T104V1422 Vandal proof Direct Mount Sensor/Setpoint Factory Set at 68 F Call... Add to Order

Honeywell Thermostatic Radiator Valves for One-Pipe Steam Systems

This control regulates the room temperature of one-pipe, low pressure steam radiators or convectors. It directly replaces the 1/8'' vent valve and controls the temperature by venting the radiator on a call for heat. When the temperature is satisfied, the valve closes. The resulting air build-up restricts steam flow. They are usually mounted with a direct-mount thermostatic head. T100 remote operators can also be used on the Honeywell or Braukmann valve bodies.

Normally Open


Part # 1-Pipe Radiator Valves  
SA123A1002 Steam/Air Vent Call... Add to Order
T100A1028 Direct-Mount Control Call... Add to Order

Honeywell T104/V110 Thermostatic Radiator Valve Accessories and Repair Parts

Part # Accessory and Repair Parts Used with  
203225 Remote Bulb Guard T104F1512 Call... Add to Order
2428300 Replacement Seat Disc V110 Call... Add to Order
A104F1007 Range Limit Pins T104A,F Call... Add to Order
G111B1053 Remote Bulb Guard T104C Call... Add to Order
MT110D1019 Cartridge Socket V110D,E,F Call... Add to Order