VAV Controller

BACnet / Stand-Alone

SimplyVAVNECC offers the SimplyVAV series of variable air volume controllers from KMC Controls that can operate a wide variety of VAV terminal units. SimplyVAV's integrated actuators, internal airflow sensors, and wide variety of application programs make these BACnet Application Specific controllers perform well in either new or retrofit installations.

Easy Installation, Simple Setup

SimplyVAV controllers are easy to install and set up. To install, the controller is mounted, wired to a 24 volt transformer, and then airflow and temperature sensors are connected. Then the SimplyVAV controller automatically detects sensors. SimplyVAV controllers also feature asimple, menu driven setup process, so they connect without special programming or software tools.

Inputs and Outputs

All inputs and outputs for SimplyVAV controllers are set up at the factory and do not require field programming.


  • Sensors are automatically detected.
  • Inputs accept industry‐standard 10K ohm thermistors sensors.
  • Input overvoltage protection up to 24 volts AC, continuous.
  • 12‐bit analog‐to‐digital conversion

Triac outputs

  • Optically isolated triac output.
  • Maximum switching 24 volts AC at 1.0 ampere for each output.
  • Maximum for controller is 3.0 amperes.

Analog outputs

  • Short‐circuit protected
  • Output voltage 0–10 volts DC
  • 30 mA per output, 30 mA total for all analog outputs
  • 12–bit analog–to–digital conversion

Simply VAV Actuator/Controller for Stand-Alone or BACnet Applications

Part # Description  
BAC-8205 BACnet VAV Fan and Reheat, Position, 40 in-lbs, 60 sec actuator Call... Add to Order
TSP-8001 Dual Duct Actuator w/ Airflow Inputs (required for dual duct applications) Call... Add to Order
BAC-8007 BACnet VAV Dual Duct, 40 in-lbs, 90 sec actuator Call... Add to Order
BAC-8005 BACnet VAV Fan and Reheat, 40 in-lbs, 90 sec actuator Call... Add to Order
BAC-8001 BACnet  VAV Cooling/Heating, 40 in-lbs, 90 sec actuator Call... Add to Order