Wireless HVAC Control

HVAC Wireless Controls, Sensors, Gateways

Wireless TransceiverThe utilization of wireless technology in HVAC applications enables installation and retrofit solutions in places that used to present significant challenges. Historic buildings with solid stone walls and/or high ceilings, system jumps from building to building, and control of remote pumps, lighting towers and such are all made economically possible through the utilization of wireless technology.

As the available technologies are changing rapidly, NECC supports a broad range of wireless solutions, ranging from wireless thermostats and lighting controls, to wireless gateways that enable campus-wide expansion of control systems and applications. With wireless systems, each application has its own personality. Let our technical support team help you to identify the best solution for your application. Call us at 800-227-9800 and ask for the technical support team. We’re here to help you.

Wireless Control Solutions

  • Honeywell Wireless Sensors
  • Viconics Wireless HVAC Building Network Solution
  • BAPI Wireless Sensing Systems
  • TRS Wireless Control Solutions

Wireless Gateways

  • AIC Wireless Gateways

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Wireless CO2 sensor with room temperature and humidity for SE8000 Series, zigbee communication protocol

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