Lower The Cost of High Ceilings With ZOO FANS

ZOO FanZoo Fan ControllerBy taking a proactive approach to destratification, ZOO Fans can lower your energy consumption by 30% or more, as well as reducing ongoing equipment maintenance and replacement costs. That means less carbon for the planet and quick payback for you.

Variable speed ZOO Fans gently mix the air, eliminating hot and cold spots. Creature comfort at floor level increases noticeably.

Features:zoo fan installed

  • Proprietary axial fan design with seven curved serrated blades with winglets.
  • Variable Speed.
  • Fire Resistant, UV-Treated PC ABS plastic housing.
  • Light Weight.
  • Easy to Install.
  • 115V/60Hz.

*Up to 9-H30s or up to 4-H60s (10 AMP available upon request)

**Up to 15 H-30s or 7 H-60s

Part # Description CFM Ceiling Height Amp Draw  
AVS-7A 0-10 VDC or 4-20mA Controller** - - 7A Call... Add to Order
H-30 ZOO FAN 0-670 Up to 30' 0.44A - 46W Call... Add to Order
H-60 ZOO FAN 0-1200 Up to 65' 0.95A - 104W Call... Add to Order
VS-5A 120V Variable Speed Controller* - - 5A Call... Add to Order