Siemens/Powers Fire/Smoke Damper Actuators

Siemens Pneumatic Smoke Actuators

Siemens pneumatic smoke actuatorSiemens/Powers pneumatic fire/smoke damper actuators shown are UL Recognized Components for fire/smoke applications under category EMKU2. This category covers pneumatic damper actuators intended to be employed on fire dampers and leakage rated dampers.

NOTE: Don’t forget to use copper piping on all pneumatic fire/smoke actuators.

Part # PSI in-lb Mount Price  
331-2961 8-13 50 WITH CLEVIS $205.99 Add to Order
331-3011 8-13 50 EXTENDED SHAFT $581.52 Add to Order

Siemens Electric Smoke Actuators

Siemens electric smoke actuatorsThe Siemens OpenAir direct-coupled, 2-position, spring return electronic damper actuators are UL listed for smoke control dampers or for combination fire/smoke rated dampers. Siemens fire/smoke damper actuators are designed to operate reliably in smoke control systems requiring Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. UL555/555S rating when tested as an assembly with the damper and will meet requirements of UBC for 15 second opening and closing at 350°F (177°C). Also approved under UL873; C-U C22.2 no. 24-93

• 15 second spring return
• All metal housing
• Pre cabled Teflon® insulated wire
• Optional built in fusible link
• Optional built in auxiliary switches

NOTE: To order GND models with built in electronic fusible links, add: “/F” to the end of the model# and select the temperature link form the chart below: (order link separately)

Part # Volts in-lb Aux Sw Price  
GGD121.1U 24 142 NO $568.28 Add to Order
GGD221.1U 115 142 NO $578.02 Add to Order
GGD321.1U 230 142 NO $606.06 Add to Order
GND121.1U 24 53 NO $394.65 Add to Order
GND126.1U 24 53 YES $473.60 Add to Order
GND221.1U 120 53 NO $440.11 Add to Order
GND226.1U 120 53 YES $527.41 Add to Order
GND321.1U 230 53 NO $475.97 Add to Order
GND326.1U 230 53 YES $570.47 Add to Order
GGD226.1U 115 142 YES $699.14 Add to Order
GGD326.1U 230 142 YES $729.45 Add to Order
GGD126.1U 24 142 YES $687.49 Add to Order

Electronic Fusible Links

Part # Temp Price  
ASK79.165 165f $45.05 Add to Order
ASK79.212 212f $45.05 Add to Order
ASK79.250 250f $45.05 Add to Order
ASK79.350 350f $45.05 Add to Order