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Honeywell Flanged Control Ball Valves

VBF5011 SeriesThe new VBF5011/5013 Flanged Control Ball Valves can replace Honeywell’s V5011A/V5011B and V5013B/V5013C globe valves with enhanced delivery and performance. These valves can be used in hot water, chilled water and glycol solutions up to 50% in closed loop HVAC systems to provide two-position or modulating functions. These field replaceable assemblies allow for in-pipe installation without the need for costly and time consuming servicing or re-piping.VBF5013 Series


All Models

  • Sizes from 2 ½” to 6” with ANSI 125 flanged connections.
  • Equal percentage or linear flow characteristics.
  • Field configurable for normally open or normally closed fail-safe position.
  • For 2 ½” and 3”, removable manual operating handle to control valve during installation or in an event of power failure.
  • ANSI Class IV leakage specifications (0.01% of cV).
    - 2-way – ANSI IV leakage.
    - 3-way – A to AB; ANSI Class IV leakage.
    - 3-way – B to AB; ANSI Class III leakage.
  • Option of four actuator mounting positions on the valve for 4”, 5” and 6” valves.
  • Valve ball and stem is 316 stainless steel for all valves except 3-way 3” (Nickel-chrome Plated Brass) valve.