Variable Frequency Drives

With VFDs, Only Use The Energy You Need

Variable frequency drives save enormous amounts of energy. When you drive your car, you don’t drive with the accelerator pressed to the floor all of the time, then jam on your brakes when you want to slow or stop. It would be:

  1. Unsafe
  2. Hard on the equipment
  3. A waste of energy resources
  4. Tough on your budget

Honeywell Variable Frequency DrivesJust as you vary the amount of gas you put into your car the VFD varies the amount of power that it puts into the motor. You drive the motor only as fast as you need to in order to get the right amount of air flow, water flow, space temperature and more. A fan motor running at half speed (30 Hz) uses slightly more than an eighth of the power it would at full speed. Also by using a VFD to ramp up the motor over time saves dollars on the demand side costs.

Most all of your equipment is designed to run strongly enough to overcome the worst imaginable condition; even though the worst imaginable condition very seldom happens. Would you really want to work your equipment that hard, all of the time, regardless of condition? … Of course not. VFD’s are designed to enable your equipment to start off slowly, building up strength slowly so as not to wastefully
consume energy, and then run at a speed that maintains the desired condition. A VFD can speed up the motor during more strenuous times, and slow the motor down at less strenuous times, providing optimum results with more efficient operation. Not only do VFD’s save energy, but they can reduce the wear and tear on your equipment, as well. VFD’s should be used to control:

  • Pumps
  • Supply and Return Fans
  • Motors

Square-D Variable Frequency Drives

Let out technical support staff help you to select the correct variable frequency drive for your application. We can provide selection advice, as well as start-up assistance.

NECC sells VFD’s manufactured by the following companies:

Call your technical support team at (800) 227-9800 to get help with variable frequency drives.

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